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There is an extraordinary natural beauty in space and in the endless universes that populate it in a silent and magical way. I try to make this beauty tangible in my artwork.

I have been experimenting on different forms of art, with inspiration and dedication, when I suddenly felt the urgency of fleeing in search for peace and silence. The resin is where I found the calm I was looking for. Handling it, I get to a state of apnoea, I dive in it, I dry in it, and I finally breathe again.

My art invites to stop, to meditate on how the matter has the chance to expand deeply beyond the artwork surface. That is why the horizontality, the rhythmical swing from plenty to empty, the research on the relationship within resin and colour through the raying light.

I believe that in my pieces an aesthetic purpose is perceived through a general sense of elegance. Also, they question the surrounding environment and they assert themselves for their very relationship with the viewer.
Staring at them, he feels the expansion, and the connection, enhancing empathy. There is the possibility to push yourself beyond and create those very harmony and silence that we all need.

I am committed to this form of expression since every time is different, every time is a challenge. Every time, through my work, I am healing and get healed. Every time I am alive, along with the materials I use, and every time I am free.